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Outdoor car cover recommendation for my 95?

30 April 2017
Los Angeles
I’m moving back to Los Angeles and I will have to park outside!..Any insulated, UV resistant ect..cover suggestions..Or possible car storage in, San Fernando valley options??
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I used a wolf cover I think by covercraft back in the day
I recently purchased a Coverking Autobody Armor car cover and am very happy with it. Fits right, soft, water resistant, and thick enough to provide a bit of body protection.
is it custom made for the NSX with side mirror pockets? do you mind posting a pic or two? thanks

I recently purchased a Coverking Autobody Armor car cover and am very happy with it. Fits right, soft, water resistant, and thick enough to provide a bit of body protection.
holds perfect and wind doesn't blow it around. Also locks with cable. I like the thicker cover for protection and while not 100% waterproof, it is best I've found. Very happy with this purchase.
Just an observation. Coverking and other vendors make covers from a selection of different fabrics, so specifying Coverking without specifying which fabric (big price difference between fabrics) may not be that helpful.

Any outdoor cover has to be breathable, otherwise you will trap moisture under the cover surface leading to problems with the paint (and all the other problems associated with trapped moisture). Breathable covers block large dirt particles and bird 'stuff'; but, they will accumulate fine dust which will wash through the cover on to the surface of the car in a rainstorm, requiring that the car be washed even though it was covered. Because they collect dust, depending on how dusty your location is you need to plan to wash the covers semi regularly. That is a consideration because some of the fabrics are a pain to wash. What usually kills covers is exposure to sunshine. If you are using it outside, you probably want to select a fabric based upon its UV resistance. On another car, I have used Weathershield HP which was a light fabric and folded up easily into a relatively small bundle. It was a bit like parachute silk so installing it in any kind of breeze required two people and it did tend to flap a bit in strong winds. It lasted about 4 1/2 years of summer use (we get about 161/2 hrs of sunlight per day in June) before it started to disintegrate. That car currently has a cover made from Sunbrella fabric. It is a much heavier fabric (similar to; but, bulkier that the OEM NSX cover). It is fairly bulky when folded up. It is only 2 years old so the jury is out on durability. My son has a NOAH fabric cover which similar to the Subrella in bulkiness. His is 5+ years old; but, is used for outside winter storage so it doesn't get serious UV exposure.

As a side note to the Sunbrella fabric, the recommended way to wash it is to turn it inside out, put it on the car, hose the inside of the cover down flushing dirt to the outside of the cover, remove from car and let dry and then wash all the dirt that was in the cover and is now on the car off of the car. If you live some place where everything is paved over and dust is less of an issue maybe cleaning the cover won't be such an issue for you.

As a second observation. Whether its Weathertech, Covercraft, Coverking .... I am a little suspicious that all of the custom fit covers are likely made by the same facility, so fit on the custom fit covers is usually a non vendor specific issue as long as you don't get some off-brand. I have purchased from all 3 of those vendors and construction and quality of fit were comparable. Ease of installation will be more a function of the fabric. I suggest that the selection of the fabric will be a more important factor that the selection of the vendor.
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