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PA road trip.........a GREAT one

3 June 2007
Hey........This is posted in the North Eastern USA area and I was at their last event in Buffalo and had a BLAST, really GREAT group and this will be an incredible event since I know first hand the last one was and we also visited the Frank Lloyd Wright homes, I'm definately going............anyone else?

Frank Lloyd Wright - Take 2
October 26, 27, 28
Budget is approximately 100.00-120.00 per person; will confirm asap

Friday October 26 Casual Dinner - trying to find local sponsor

Saturday -27
Kentuck Knob House
http://www.kentuckknob.com/ tour included

Lunch at Falling Water or Kentuck Knob - lunch included

Falling Water http://www.fallingwater.org/ tour included

Dinner at Supper Club http://www.supperclubgreensburg.com/ to be included. Drinks on your own.

You will make your own hotel reservation using a group code that will be provided tomorrow.
Group Rate is 149.00 including breakfast plus tax
Marriott Member Rates may be available 127.50 without breakfast plus tax. There is no charge to become a Marriott Member https://www.marriott.com/rewards/cre...ite.nonrewards
Lounge on site, indoor pool, fitness center, free wifi, mini-fridges, some King Rooms have 2 person whirlpool tubs. Non-smoking hotel.

Fun Drive to Flight 93 Memorial and then home

If you want to go then:
1. Make your reservation directly with the hotel by October 9th to claim this rate.
2. Respond with the number attending and shirt size(s)
3. You will need to pay via paypal on the NSXCA's website by October 1st once the costs are confirmed.
WOW..........what an incredible event!!! Hats off to the organizers Carla and Don for doing a fantastic job in arranging everything from drives, tours, food, hotels and arrival party. The weather was great for the drive down in though PA and the Allegheny Mountains, Saturday our main cruise day was exactly like our Oct 14th cruise - damp roads full of wet leaves with a bit a rain here and there. Sunday, pouring rain thanks to Sandy. (Not to be confused with Shawna who this time was not at fault)

But what made the trip one of the BEST was that during the drives to and from an event, whether on twisty roads or highways.............we were cruising. In other words the posted speeds were stretched to our limits and the car never felt so good - the driver, well she was in heaven.

Unreal, grins ear to ear, smiles so often your face hurt!! From the second we left the hotel on route to the first venue we cruised, actually flew........when we got off the interstate and onto the twisty roads, we didn't babysit the roads, we pulverized them the way they should be driven. Up down and around blind corners, endless roads like the Forks, full out never getting past third, had there been a passenger you best have a barf bag on hand........ Remember, it's a car to be DRIVEN the way it's intended to be and the reason "most" of us bought them. Oh, some look pretty sitting there all clean with chicken strips on the rubber that meets the flat road instead of up and over the sidewalls. This weekend, the cars were a mess - dirt and grim never looked so good.

When we stopped, I got out and approached the lead car (not an NSX - how dare they) and queried the speeds we were doing, having created a large gap between cars, not to mention loosing some on the highway and then on the twisties. This never happens here, simply not even a topic of conversation.

I was asked if it was a problem, HELL NO! I questioned about cars getting spaced out too much, lost on the corners at crossroad turns, and even more so on the interstate where cruising at 90mph was the norm. "THAT'S WHY YOU HAVE MAPS AND RADIOS".......ahhhhhhhhhh, makes perfect sense to me. Silly girl, why else would it be necessary to have the exact route if you didn't expect the group to split at some point in time........I now know the answer as I was so politely told. My car feels better being able to burn out the carbon and the driver is much happier being able to drive like she knows how to drive this car.

This was the second 3 day event in a few months that I've been on with the US NE group and have to honestly say that you're all missing out on some of the best routes and drives I have EVER been on. PA/NY beat our roads big time. Not only do they all cruise along at speed (my speed) but I never heard one complaint about the speeds, the occasional roadside stops on the shoulder, or even about the separation of cars and yes, it's still just a car.

I have gained the utmost respect for their members, a GREAT group of competent drivers who like to push the limits of themselves at their comfort speeds. They respect the leaders and the responsibility they take and the decisions they make for the entire group. As many have told me - "these cars are made to be driven hard and fast, so why not drive them that way"..........I couldn't agree more!!!

Not to say cruising 30+mph (you read that right) over the limit ever bothered me, never has and never will and at least down there they don't have a "racing regulation", but sticking to the speed limit on the most curvy roads we have to offer is not exactly exciting in a car that's meant to be driven. Sure there are rules to be respected, but should they be breached it's a major catastrophic problem to some. I guess that's what the drive home is for - to give the car a real clean out on the back roads (Thanks J&M) getting rid of the carbon build up and then parking it knowing you drove it like it should be driven.

To be able to tour some of the world's greatest buildings "Falling Water and Kentuck Knob" as well as to see the Flight 93 Memorial first hand was a lasting memory.
To be able to drive in a group of NSX's and Daily Drivers exceeding the speeds and driving the twisties at max. capability without controversy is ABSOFUCKINLUTELY PRICELESS.

I know where I'm signing up!
Great insight Shawna. I am hoping to plan a trip that way next season and explore the Allegheny areas.

I was kind of lost in regards to your comments about "maps and radios". Did they supply you guys with maps and radios?
I know for my cruises and also Owen's he is a strong believer in "maps and radios". This is how we keep the group together and make the experience for all equally rewarding.
Having radio too I am able to be tourista guide. :)
PA road trip

Saturn.........I know PA well and there are also some great cuise roads in around Lake Chathauqua, NY - east one day drives with lots of miles........yes, they had radios and maps which is exactly why we were able to go fast, not worry about others being left at lights - because they all have maps and radios so how can they get lost? Great trip and when you are ready for some roads down that way shoot me an email.........You'd love them!!