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Paddle shifter conversion for auto NSX

25 July 2005
Sydney, Australia
Has anyone come across and/or considered testing these kits out on an NSX? I know they don't have an NSX version available, but I came across these kits fitted to a Evo 7 GTA so I'm sure they could be customised to work in an NSX. There is also a YouTube video of someone who fitted one of these kits to a 350Z. The video shows that the kit responds quite slowly, but it does allow for some manual control over an otherwise automatic gearbox (save for the NA2 F1 autos). Links are as follows:

Works Bell website: http://www.worksbell.co.jp/en/products/night_pager/paddle.htm
YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4WDtIpAtt4

perhaps ONLY w/ the sport-stick automatic-transmission...

There are (2) different products being offered... one is a paddle shifter kit for those who wish to go w/ an after-market steering-wheel and have a vehicle already equipped w/ OEM paddle-shifters; the other is a paddle shifter kit for those who wish to add paddle shifters to their after-market steering-wheel, but their vehicle didn't come w/ OEM paddle shifters though their transmission is a semi-automatic (ie. the gear-shift stick upshfits/downshifts).

Fine(r) print...


On certain vehicle models with a “semi-automatic” transmission option, Works Bell has released a special paddle shifter kit which allows you to shift without removing your hands from the steering wheel!

On certain vehicle models such as the Nissan 350Z equipped with a semi-automatic transmission (which allows you to manually control the automatic transmission shift points), our Works Bell Paddle shifter kit places specially designed paddles which control up/down shifts on the steering column as opposed to manipulating the shift lever. This kit consists of an exclusive short hub and application specific harness.

And the Paddle Shifter Kit is actually meant for vehicles who already come equipped w/ factory paddle-shifters mounted on the OEM steering-wheel, but wish to go w/ an after-market steering-wheel, which would obviously not support the factory-mounted paddle-shifters (as they are a part of the OEM steering-wheel/column).

If this (Paddle Shifter NEO) could plausibly work on an automatic-transmission NSX (NA1 btw, as it's still a C30A 3.0L 4spd. automatic from '91-'05!) it would likely have to be the Sportshift automatic-transmission offered from I believe '95+. . .
I thought the AT versions of the NSX have the sport shift stubs on the steering column? Paddle shifter's would be nice, but in this case is for show.

If you're talking a conversion kit for the MT, now we're talking. The shifter, 3 linear actuators, a hydraulic pump, 10 feet of piping, and a computer system; shouldn't cost more than $25k or so.


Ps. I drove an Altima with the 6 sp automatic and in manual mode it was 95% of an MT, just w/out a clutch. Flipping the shifter up or down, shifts were instantaneous.
forget paddle-shifters, howabout a 5th gear for the auto-trannie?!?

I thought the AT versions of the NSX have the sport shift stubs on the steering column?
The '91-'94 NSX models w/ automatic-transmissions don't have the steering-column mounted shift-stalk which is located on the right-side (ie. Sportshift stick). The '95-'05 NSX models w/ automatic-transmissions came w/ the steering-column mounted shift-stalk. It's a basically a small single stick/lever that is flipped up or down for up-shifts/down-shifts.
Miner said:
Paddle shifter's would be nice, but in this case is for show.
Indeed. However, what the vendor is offering is continuation of existing OEM paddle-shifters, but instead for use on after-market steering-wheels. Obvious prerequisite is that the vehicle is already equipped w/ some sort of manumatic/semi-manual transmission.

And yes, even the lowly entry-level Honda Fit now comes equipped w/ steering-column mounted paddle-shifters! :D