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Paid for SSR Type F Widebody Wheels Seller isn't Communicating

5 May 2006
Seller: autoboy
Anyone done business or know the seller?

For Sale Thread:

Paid for wheels and tire package via paypal on 10-2-12, seller was suppose to ship out the wheels by weekend. Seller is not returning emails, text messages or picking up phone.

I did file dispute with paypal to get my money back.

Possible there is a medical issue or the seller is caught up in something and unable to reply? It's been 1 week since you paid and this was a holiday weekend, so today is the first business day after the weekend. I honestly think you jumped the gun a bit. You technically have 45 days you can wait to file a dispute, I personally would've given the seller 2 weeks before I started getting antsy.
Tell u the truth.... I've dealt with him before on the m3forums. I am not one to bad mouth another member, but he did try to screw me. I bought something that was not ad advertised and in addition i tried to be accomodating gave almost a year to give me the difference and even offer parts forbhim to give me in exchange for the money he owed me. kept giving me sob stories. finally i gave up and sold the item and got my money back. beware of seller.... i didnt think it was a recurring thing that he did. The only way I got his attention was that I canceled payment through PayPal and my cc company. I never got my money back.
If you filed a dispute and escalate it. PayPal will side with you and you will get your money back if the seller never shipped the product. You didn't gift it to save on fees right?
Finally, I got text message from the seller (John). He states "he works over nights and was asleep". He was not asleep when he took my money. Made me wait 4days to clear his account. Promised the wheels would be out by the weekend. Stops all communication when it's time to give the tracking numbers.

Long story short. Seller doesn't want to ship out the wheels or refund my money. He rather have me file dispute thru paypal and wait 10 days to get my money.

We are not talking few bucks here. I have a reason to get antsy. Paypal policy is to provide tracking within 7 days.