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painting my NSX

7 February 2001
Its time to paint my 92 blk/blk because my Marga Hills kit finally arrived. I want to paint it the Orange color that comes on the type-S but I am wondering how much changing the color will depreciate the value(if any).
What do you guys think? I am also thinking of getting the Marga Hills carbon fiber hood, but I'm worried that it will make the car look unfinished with the hood blk and the car orange. thanks---Brett
I don't think it'll look "unfinished" if the hood was carbon fiber and the car was orange. I think it'll give it more of a race look, IMO. It'll come down to personal preference.

Post pictures when the car is finished and the body kit is on.

Hey Bret,
I think Henry Chan from HK is selling a CF Marga HIlls hood. He only wants $1800. New ones cost $2100, not including all the hassle and shipping you would have to pay to get it here.
you should contact him. E-mail me for his E-mail address.

My club for infos on my NSX.
You can paint the MH hood to match your car. Recently, a friend painted he 91 Black Spa Yellow. The quality is very good. On a black car, you can not tell very easy that it is non stock. I would, however, stick to a US color. A full repaint will likely have an effect resale, however, the effect may be minor if done right.

-- Chris


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The body shop has done a couple of my other vehicles and they said that I definetly wont see any blk left on the car. they will disassemble the entire car and paint each piece individually. I want the type-S color because you cant get it in the US and there are 2 other blk/blk 92's and one red in my small city. Its very annoying, that was part of the reason for the kit( so I would not be confused with them).BTW Henry is the person I am talking to about the hood.
If you care about resale value, don't repaint the car. If you don't care about resale value, then go for it!
Just curious. How much is he charging you for painting the whole car?
I'm curious about how they will paint the engine bay -- I have a blue car, and the entire engine bay, including some of the braceing, is blue. It looks like the engine would have to be removed to paint it correctly. On the other hand, maybe a black engine bay would look acceptable to you, even if the car were painted a different color. Just a thought.
Pardon my ignorance. I keep seeing references to Marga Hills body kits and spoilers, etc. Where can I see pictures of these items? Is there a website for this manufacturer? I tried a search on Yahoo but to no avail.

Since you've worked with this guy before obviously you know what kind of results to expect, but $2k is very low to totally repaint a car to a new color "the right way" (meaning pulling everything apart). There is well over 100 hrs just in labor. The few NSX color change repaints I've seen that I considered factory quality cost $8k or more.
The Type-S orange is a very nice color no doubt, but I'm not sure if it'll look that good with Marga Hill kit, just my opinion. I think orange Type-S NSX looks the best w/o bodykit, maybe just need a set of nice rims.
Blue or yellow might look better with Marga Hill kit IMO!
A dark blue would be an option, but there are way too many yellow imports around here( in particular a twin turbo Supra with the veilside kit, dont want to be accused of coping him for sure). Also, a question for Lud, the Type-S at the top of the page has a black top, do they all come like that?
The picture at top is not a type-S, it's an european NSX painted in the same orange color. Type-S has body colored roofs(although I'm sure you can order it with black roof as well), and no fog lights(then again, they are optional) In Japan, there are a very big selection of OEM options available for the NSX, as well as different color combinations.

For some, it's a compensation.
Most repaints will not paint inside the engine bay. Most repaints on a black car will look factory, becuase only the experienced eye will know that inside the engine bay should not be black.

A friend just repainted his black NSX Spa Yellow. You can not tell from the outside, and with the engine cover removed, it is still hard to tell it is not factory.

$2000 for a complete repaint IMO is good if they are doing removal/installation for the panels.

-- Chris


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