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Palmdale/Lancaster/AV mini meet...This weekend! 7/16-17/2005

Saturday or Sunday?

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12 April 2005
Ventura - LA County
Hello AV folks!

Let's all have a mini meet this weekend...Afternoon would be great as it should be a little cooler.

Would you rather do it Saturday or Sunday?? Time?? Place???

I'll do a POLL so we can decide...Also if you can think of an excellent spot to do this, please chime in as well.

Also if you are one of those LUCKY/Wealthy NSX owners that have access to a LARGE garage or driveway, maybe we can do it at your house, throw in some meat on the grill and have fun :wink: I'll bring some ICE COLD bevs :biggrin: (That is of course if you dont MIND a few NSXs in front of your house :biggrin:)

Let's get this party started..

Well, this didn't go tooo well :frown: ..I guess no one wants to leave the comfort of a cool air conditioned home... :biggrin:

Maybe next time we can plan well ahead of time..