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Parts availability for a 1992

5 December 2014
I'm searching for my first NSX and have a few questions:

1. Is it possible to find factory exhaust manifold and mufflers/cat parts to bring a car back to original that currently has headers?

2. The car I'm considering on BAT is in the snap ring range. If I need to replace or rebuild the trans at some point are these parts still available as well? I've read a lot of information on this snap ring issue and am not really scared off by it as long as I know parts are available.

Pardon my NOOB questions but I am a p-car collector and not wise in the ways of the NSX.
You would have people lining up to trade you original headers + cash for your aftermarket headers. The original 1992 headers are cast log manifolds and worth little more than scrap value, lots of people have them sitting in the garage or a box somewhere myself included.

Yes the transmission cases and repair components are still available. If you're going to open up the transmission its worth looking into a few upgrades like the JDM gear set with tighter ratios, the Type R 4.23 final drive, and the Type R differential conversion.

The best place to order parts is usually Amayama, a Japan-based seller that has access to the Honda Japan supply chain which is much better than the Acura USA or Honda USA dealership network. But compare prices to be sure, most things are way cheaper on Amayama but occasionally you'll find something that's more expensive.
I am a regular user of Amayama and they have been a fast and reliable supplier (as fast as they can get the parts from Honda!). The only thing to be aware of is that they supply parts specifically for right hand steer vehicles. The majority of the parts in the NSX are common for both right hand and left hand steer cars so most of the time that is not an issue. You will on occasion need to use Acura USA / Canada as a source for left hand steer specific parts. Use one of the US on-line discount vendor web sites to view parts diagrams and pick out appropriate part numbers. Then check the part number on Amayama. If it comes up with a rather cryptic part unavailable message, chances are that is a left hand steer specific part that needs to be ordered from North America.

If you check with the US discount vendor web sites you will frequently get a part out of production message. Check that part number on Amayama's site. Every time that I have encountered that problem and checked with Amayama they have been able to supply the part.
Although Ebay doesn't offer a lot here in the US there are also a variety of Japanese sites that will act as go-betweens for yahoo japan (their bigger auction site) and they seem to have a lot more used parts for sale.

NA1 exhaust currently for sale: https://www.jauce.com/auction/c1056837251

I'm assuming that this is the car in question: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1992-acura-nsx-76/

I can't identify the exhaust but others might be able to chime in as it might be something you could sell instead of trade.
The only benefit to the yugo stock manifold was that you could hear the subtle induction honk on accel....
I would never even consider putting the early stock cast iron (boat anchor) restrictive exhaust manifolds back on the NSX.

The few mods we made to our stock '92 (see sig line) are all reversible, except that we junked the exhaust manifolds......enough said!
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