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passenger window failure

7 April 2007
Downey, CA
My passenger window works here and there. Sometimes it won't work for days. I took the panel off, disconnected the window motor plug and applied power directly to the motor and everything works perfect. When I plug the motor and put the meter to it while powering with either driver or passenger switch it reads anywhere from 2-6v and doesn't work. When i unplug the window motor plug and test the volts on the plug through either side switch it reads about 12.3v. Can anyone shine some light?
Usually problems with the passenger window not rolling up or down are caused by the driver's side power window switch (not the "ON-MAIN" switch). That would be the first place I would check. Reportedly it is possible to clean the contacts on the switch, although I have never actually done it.
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I've had this same problem when I first got my car. I took the driver side switches out of the door and actually took the switch completely apart. I found that the contact was " burned" (had black soot) all over it.

After testing the switch with a meter, sure enough no contact. I then cleaned the contact points and still nothing. I discoved after close inspection that he contact actually separated from the rest of the switch. I then soldered the contact point back and tested once again. Switch worked!

Reinstalled it and everything was fine for about 4-5 months. The window acted up again. I took the switch out once again ... and found the same thing. Fixed it, so it's working for now ... but the next time I am going to order a new switch assembly. Sucks as I think that entire assemble is $200 and you only really need the pass switch itself.

Does anyone know if you can get just the pass switch or if that switch is used in any other Honda or Acura cars?

Hope this helps.
Where you able to resolve your issue I have been having the same for months, My passenger window will roll down sometimes by either passenger or driver switch but will only go up with driver side switch and once it goes up it wont go back down with either switch. I wonder if the same problem with both switches is my problem, Could I just repair the driver side contacts to get it running?
Repaired today got it working, they werent making contact, a lil electric cleaner and di electric grease did the job.
Yay! problem fixed. I opened all the switches including the power locks to clean, lightly sand contact points, re-grease with electronic grease and all i have to say is SHAM-WOW!