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Paying off a mortgage -- Who/What is the "Trustee"

20 February 2000
Someone here has to know the answer to this...

I paid off my house last month. Today I got a "Certificate And Affidavit Of Satisfaction". This is from a company called 'Verdugo Trustee Service Corporation'. My mortgage was with Citi Mortgage. I don't know who Verdugo is.

They have the following information listed in this doc which I'm uncertain about:
Trustee: Some random person I don't know????
Grantor: Me
Original Grantee: Place I refinanced with 2 years ago

So my question is, what is a Trustee?
I'm assuming as long as I'm listed as the Grantor, thats the only thing that matters?
The toad that processed the paperwork and got to sign.