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performance shops

7 February 2001
Anybody know any good speed shops in Los Angeles for an NSX? I only know 1 import performance shop and it's alright. I know a lot of shops for American cars, but not may good imports.
If you're willing to drive to Phoenix, Basch Acura Service is the best. If you want a place that's closer to home, NSX Modified in Huntington Beach is the place to go. Phone numbers etc are in the Company Directory section of the FAQ.
Thanks for pointing me to the company directory. I already go to NSX Modified for work, but it's still a long trip when I just want to check out some accessories. I might flip through the yellow pages and see what I can find in LA. However, I found a lot of great companies that are not too far in the directory in addition to NSX Modified. I didn't know Dali was in San Diego. DC Sports and HKS are within driving distance too. It's cool to drive around and see what different vendor shave to offer. When it comes to doing work on my car though, NSX Modified is the only place I go around here. Pretty cool. Thanks
Where is NSX Modified? I saw the article in Max Speed about the S/C install, but they didn't list an address.

What experiences (good/bad) have you had with them?


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I can't find the address or the phone number in the FAQ for NSX modified. Would you be so kind to post this information on the thread. Thanks! =)

I can't find the address or the phone number in the FAQ for NSX modified.

Sorry - it's listed in the directory under their old name, Team NSX.