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Phil Hill - R.I.P.

What a loss. RIP
I just saw that sad news come across the wire.

I have seen several old movies of him racing and loved his contributions to R&T.

RIP Mr. Hill.
godspeed Mr. Hill.








Bummer. What a class act. It's MEN like Phil who shaped the art of motorsports. He will be missed, but who can or will fill his shoes.
I had the opportunity to meet him a few years back at a car show Amelia Island Concours. He was very approachable and considerate.
He was one of th featured speakers and had a big article in the program for the event. I had a program in hand when I spoke with him and he asked if I would like his autograph. I was stunned that he offered that to me but certainly jumped at the chance. He flipped the pages of the book until he found the page containing a photo of him sitting in an old race car right after a race. He signed that page. I kept it in a save place. I'll now treasure it that much more.:frown:
RIP Phil
I was born in the 50's. All through the early years until I was about 16 or so, I lived to see and read about legends like Phil, Jim Clarke et-al. There was magic in racing during the late 50’s and early 60’s. My “slot cars” weren’t American street iron, but rather Chaparral’s, Ferraris and of course Lotus.

Phil brought such a dignity and spirit of fair play to the sport. I hope in this age of video games etc,. that our youth are able to latch on to such men of stature. I cringe as I think about losing more legends like Shelby and Andretti… where has the time gone…?

If you havent' seen the Documentary/Movie with Paul Neuman doing the voice over, Super Speedway, it's worth taking time out. The last scene is wonderful.