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Phoenix Arizona NSXers... A request.

28 April 2000
SF Bay Area / Boston MA
Hello Phoenix NSXers...
I'm here in Phoenix for the weekend for a little vacation and to meet up with fellow auto enthusiasts. A bunch of people who met each other on my website (www.granturismo.com) decided to hang out this weekend and play some video games and chat about cars and such. If you live in Phoenix, I would love to check out your NSX. Most of the guests here are from out of town as well and most likely never have seen a NSX in person before. If you wouldn't mind coming out to Tempe area and kicking back and show off your car today... give me a call at 408 813 3323 so I can give you directions. We are basically just hanging out eating food, watching Best Motoring video February 2002 w/ new NSX comparison, and playing multi-player Gran Turismo video game. It would be great if you joined us for a hour or two.

Kenji --

Please steal the Best Motoring video when you leave :)


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If they didnt throw us out of the lot# 59 outside the stadium I'd say go there this Sat eve about 9 pm but thats over and 500 cars have to find another place to go in Tempeor Scottsdale "but" you can always go to the Scottsdale pavillions @ 101 and Indian Bend Rd every Saturday from about 2-10 pm.Hell there were 957 cars counted last weekend.Only one NSX(mine)although there was my friends Mclaren and it was sure a hit at the show.Hell its free at the show and it keeps me off the track (or street racing)so Im usually there in my yellow NSX with a few friends and my(wifes)99'Cobra.
Cmon down!!!

Chris, the Best Motoring video is mine... actually I rented it from Mitsuwa japanese grocery store. We can rent it when you are in town again. Its really cool. Tsuchiya is comparing all NSXs since 3.0 Type-R to the most recent updated Type-S.