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pic reqest: 5pt harness and harness bar.

26 November 2006
San Jose/San Francisco
i recently picked up a set of used simpson's 5pt harness along with a comtech harness bar and pair of sparco pro 2000. all of which were used and did not come with instructions so i have no idea to to attach the belts to the harness bar:confused:. show me your setup please!!!!
do it, right!

First and most important question... do you have clip-on/anchored or wrap-around harness-belts?

Regarding clip-on, well they clip-on to anchor points on the harness-bar setup.

Regarding wrap-around shoulder harness-belts, well they require precise wrapping technique.

Peruse on this site: www.schroth.com/installation-instructions/en/index.html

(in particular this frame/page: www.schroth.com/installation-instructions/en/05_restraint_installation.htm)

It has images & precise instructions for all methods of properly attaching harness-belts to a harness-bar!

G/luck! :cool: