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Pic Request: Marga Hills Front Bumper with Stacy's skirts/WW Skirts

12 December 2006
So no one replied on my first picture request (Cantrell GT MH Bumper with Stacy's or WW skirts).

So I'm wondering, has anybody installed MH front bumper with stacy's or WW skirts? Pictures to share? I'll be buying the MH front bumper, but I'm not sure if I want to go with the MH skirts as well. I'm hoping that the WW or Stacy's skirts would be low enough to match the bumper.

Thanks in advance guys.

I used to have WW, then switched to MH and now have Stacys.

I don't think Stacys or WW will be low enough. I ran the MH skirts for a few months and its about 1.5" lower than the oem jack points. My Stacys right now are about .5" below the jack point. WW skirts are the same height as oem (ie. jack points show if your eye is level with the floor of the car). If you look at this picture you'll see that the MH skirts line up perfectly with the MH lip. Therefore, if you use Stacys or WW, the front lip will be at least 1" lower than the skirts. I hope you have a rear valence in mind because leaving it stock (pre'02) will look even funnier since its so much higher than even the oem skirts!

Thank you very much for the info. I appreciate it a lot. I do have a valence in mind, probably just 02+ valence though.

I'll buy the MH bumper then test fit it with WW skirts. But I think you're right, the WW skirts will be waaaay too short.

Thanks again

Where are you getting MH parts from?? If I remember correctly they stop making these parts a while ago.
I'm buying the bumper I found in the for sale section. As for the skirts, I just have to wait for someone to sell their vinny's replica. Or I'm actually looking at the do-luck skirts that is for sale now in the for sale section as well.

ARGH: Not a lot of pictures for do-luck sideskirts.. Anybody has some?? I'm trying to figure out if it will work with the MH bumper front bumper.

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