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Picked up my NSX Yesterday

29 January 2012
18 years ago my roomate and I would stare at the walls of our college dorm room. We had three pictures on the wall, a 93 NSX, 93 RX-7 and a 94 Supra. Over the years I had the opportunity to purchase a 93 RX-7 however it was plagued with issues. I took it to a famous RX-7 tuner on the east coast and his advice was to "get rid of it." Ten years later I found myself on prime everyday for months on end scouring the market for the "perfect" NSX. My 1st choice was GPW, 2nd choice was Black and 3rd Red. For whatever reason all of the NSXs I found in my price range and liking were on the West Coast. I wanted to touch, smell and feel my new car so I knew the West Coast was not an option being in VA.

Yesterday the stars aligned and I drove 80 miles from my house to Williamsburg, VA and picked up a 94 Brooklands Green. Green is probably my least favorite color, but I was thirsty and with the car being so close I figured it could not hurt to look at it. The owner was really cool and furnished maintenance records for the history of the NSX. He was very meticulous, open and honest about the history and had no issues with my 2.5 hour PPI and extended test drive.

I got so excited I left my car at his house just so I could drive the NSX home. The car is freaking amazing. The engine has an aggressive growl when the VTEC gets into its power band. At 6'2" I had to play around with the seats for a while to find the perfect setting for comfort but I have plenty of space. By the time I got home I loved the Brooklands Green and I am glad that the car was not Black or Red. The Green screams "look at me, I'm exotic but I don't have to be the center of attention when I walk into the room." I got confirmation as I was heading up interstate 95 and a truck full of guys passed by me and darn near ran off the highway looking back at the NSX. Don't have to stare at the picture on the wall anymore, I just walk into the garage. BTW she is sitting next to my Honda RC-51, NSX & RC-51 represent two of the finest products that Honda ever made:smile:


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Congratulations on your purchase for such a well made car you will enjoy more everyday and keep falling in love everytime you wash her.
Im a New owner as well picked up a 91 black on black and they are amazing!
Have fun with her.
Congrats and welcome to ownership:smile: That car will put a smile on your face every time you drive it... enjoy!
Welcome to NSX ownership! What an awesome story! I can't believe you registered in January (and lurked for who knows how long before that), and just made your first post. But it's an awesome first post, and your car looks great! Green is an extremely rare color and difficult to capture properly in photographs, I'm lucky to be friends with the owner of one so I can appreciate it in person.

I'm glad you love your car. Please post more photos! There is a thread for green NSXs here.
Big Congrats and Welcome to the NSX Family! Enjoy ... You will for sure:smile:
Great looking NSX as Well!
I agree the a 1994 NSX and the 2000 CBR1100xx blackbird for me, enjoy :wink:
Congratulations! 2 thumbs up on the NSX and 2 thumbs up on the RC-51. Nice choice in toys. I am also a fan of brooklands green, and I have to think it looks suuweeet with that tan interior.
nice story, congrats and welcome to the bike/nsx world.
Great story -- finding the "right one" takes awhile, but is always worth the wait. These are such great automobiles. I find myself frequently hanging out in the garage just admiring the beauty of the NSX.

BTW, what part of VA are you in? Congrats, and welcome. Jay
awesome, welcome to the club.

we all have some story about why we love the NSX
and what age we were when
we Knew we would one day own it

awesome you made it.

more pics please
great car, and great bike. green/tan was my other favourite colour, and i'm a big fan of RC51's. personally i have a few red Ducati's in my garage to match my new red NSX, i had to keep them all matching! congratulations, your car looks fantastic...
Welcome to the club. You have a very nice car there and I'm sure you'll enjoy it for many years to come. I suggest that you clear some of the cr@p out of the garage and be careful when you go for a ride on the Barbie bicycle. :smile:
Beautiful car! Always liked the Brooklands Green with tan interior. Wonderful color combination. Looks like she has a great home.
Congrats! I can remember my first time laying eyes on my NSX. The feeling doesn't go away. Welcome to Prime...it's a fantastic community.
Congratulations and welcome to NSX Ownership and the NSX family. Looks like you picked up a rare beauty. Many of us can relate to the amazing feeling you described of finally attaining such an awesome car. Enjoy her to the fullest. Happy Driving!
Welcome. Classy colour combo for sure. Remember seeing a Corvette decades ago in those colours. Always loved the look.