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Is it worth $7000 to get Comptech goodies? There are two 95's one for $42000 stock 41000 miles, or $49000 with 66000 miles with Comptech Headers, exhaust Lowering Kit,HRE Custom Rim Etc... .I started with a 97 740il stock and upgrades are $5000 now and thats just a chip, Body work and Rims and new skins.Looking to use the car as a daily driver, but will take great pleasure knowing there is no room for carseats, cheerios and juiceboxes etc....
Originally posted by Blk&Tan:
Is it worth $7000 to get Comptech goodies?

There are several possible ways to answer that question.

First, you can't assume that the $7000 difference is attributable entirely, and solely, to the mods. The two cars are probably not identical in every respect, so the difference in value might be attributed to many other differences, not just the mods.

Second, these mods should not be worth an increase of $7000 in the value of the car, IMHO. Headers and exhaust and springs and wheels, together, probably cost somewhere around $7000 when new. You should never be paying full value for mods when you are buying a used car. IMO even if these are the exact mods you want, you should still not need to pay more than 50 percent over the value of an unmodded car for them.

Finally, there is the question of whether these mods are worth $7000 to you. Many people don't care whether the car has mods or not (and many others prefer an unmodded car). So that's a matter of your own preferences and financial priorities. They may be worth $0 or $1000 or $7000 to you - depending on how YOU value them.

I think it's also worth noting that the '95-96 is the worst model year of the NSX for performance, and is also (for that and other years) the worst choice for an NSX to modify. It's worst in performance because it has the added weight of the NSX-T (introduced in '95) without the added power of the 3.2-liter engine ('97+). Furthermore, it has the softest suspension because it is the least rigid version of the NSX-T; it has some reinforcement for the -T roof but not as much as the '97+. Making the suspension firmer is going to bring out the lack of rigidity, and you are going to feel that. If performance is a big concern (and it usually is, for those who are interested in mods), you are better off getting a '91-94 or a '97+.
wow very imformative answer thank you nxtasy
95-96 can also be more complex to do custom engine mods to, as they have the newer OBD-II engine management.

The 97+ cars have OBD-II as well, but with these, you benefit from the additional 200 cc in displacement


If you want a base platform for mods, I suggest a 93-94 coupe (no power steering, updated A/C, OBD-I, passenger-side airbag, no snap ring problems)
i thought 94 was the 1st year they added power steering?
Originally posted by rmani:
i thought 94 was the 1st year they added power steering?

No, it was added in '95 to the manual transmission NSX. (It was there all along with the automatic.)