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Pics of Adam's yellow NSX and new drag NSX from the Anaheim show

18 December 2000
Los Angeles, CA
Hi guys,

I went to the Anaheim show this weekend and took some photos.

Some of the highlights include:

-Adam's two NSXs and RX7
-A supercharged NSX
-The RX7, Supra, Eclipse and S2000 from the movie Redline/The Fast and the Furious/Street Wars ( www.thefastandthefurious.com )
-A few other cars I thought were nice.


P.S. Hi, by the way. I've been lurking here for about a year, and the NSX is my dream car. Right now I'm driving a '93 RX7 twin turbo.

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In my honey Opinion I don't think NSX's were meant for drag racing. But I sure hope he has some REAL good times in the 1/4 ( he has to..he's Adman.
) and beats the crap outta other ppl on track.

God what wouldn't I do to have his yellow NSX sitting right behind the dragster. *evil grin*
Is it just me, or does anyone else think those cars are ugly? Maybe I just prefer my NSXs in a more pure state.

Has he even raced the drag car yet? Whatever the times, personally I think they are totally irrelevant. There is almost nothing in that car that resembles a normal NSX. It's like "Stock Car" racing; it has a body shaped like the original but undeneath it's a tube frame with everything custom built for the job.
Adam's car is really nice, I have went to the the show as well....I have talked to Adam....Seen him twice....real nice man....I was drooooling for the longest time when I saw those two... *sigh* he hasn't ran the NSX yet...I will run next year...I'm hoping for some good times....and the Yellow NSX..very very nice....there is a full feature article on him and his cars in this magazine called "Import Racer"..hehe....^_^*
Talked to Adam's dad and the drag NSX is expected to run about 7 seconds in 1/4 mile. And it's expected to generat about 1000 hp. I believe the car has not been tested on the tracks so far.

The seats in Yellow NSX is by Sparco and has been reupholsted in different colors.

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