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Pics Of Zanardi Seats????

Funny you should ask that.. today I spent a few moments at an upholstery shop, with some pictures of the zanardi seats, and was inquiring as to whether or not the red stitching on the outside of the seats, could be duplicated. Much to my surprise, the upholsterer said that it was highly unlikely that it was possible, without damaging the leather material. I have already gotten the zanardi floor mats in and they look fantastic. My question would be Has anyone had any luck, or even attempted to duplicate the red stitching found in a Zanardi car, on their NSX? If so, could you please send me a few tips. Secondly, has anyone ever priced a set of Zanardi seat covers? Im not sure i'd wanna hear the results of that. Thanks

1992 NSX
I actually priced the Zanardi seats and I believe I was quoted a price of about $2000 for the pair. I don't actually remember....once they told me I put the information in the wastbasket of my mind since I knew I would never ever pay that much for seats.
Originally posted by humanoidtyphoon:
I believe I was quoted a price of about $2000 for the pair.

If I'm not mistaken, the list price for each NSX seat is around $4,500. So you were offered quite a bargain!

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The leather on the seat can be replaced. I'm sure if you took off your original leather and had an upholstery shop re-stitch a new piece(a copy of the original) it'll be cheaper.

The seats do cost 4k+ new, and I think that's for one not the pair, ICBW.

Have you tried to get just the leather replacement pieces instead of the whole chair with electronics? It should be cheaper and maybe more in your price range.

Good Luck.

We can actually reupholster the seats with a new leather and Zanardi style stitching. Different colors are also available for the leather and or stitching to match body colors, etc. Currently we are doing this on a core exchange basis so that there will be no down time. I will post pictures as soon as they are available.


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