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Picture of the horn wire

5 April 2004
I hunted through the service manual without any luck trying to find the horn wire this weekend. Am I missing something or is there just not a diagram of the SRS harness pinouts coming from the steering column?

So when I found it, I took a picture of it. Ground it and your car will honk. My harness had all gray wires. The 2004 I was working on had all green wires. It's really easy to access if you wanted to hook your alarm up to it...

Thanks for the diagram, I got a Sparco steering wheel with cruise control buttons sold from SoS. I was only able to hook up the horn. The supplied diagram with the steering wheel is same as this, Could you please explain how to hook the two small button to the harness so my cruise will work. I have tried various combination, but none seems to do the trick, TIA. Eiffel.
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