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Players Run in So. CAL, San Diego, Vegas!!!

21 January 2004
San Francisco
If you're an aware, a huge gathering of hot exoctic cars are going to be showing up the http://www.playersrun.com @ the Mondrian, in your neck of the woods on June 6th and leaving June 7th to Diego and then ending up in Vegas on the 8th!!! I'd like to see a gathering and meet some of my fellow nsx club members there to support and represent the NSX's! Hope to see ya! :cool:

What exactly r u looking for? :confused: I think we'll be ending up in downtown, probably @ the Fairmont, if there's one down there!

I won't know anything more till i get up in Seattle and am given more details. :biggrin:
Guys, if you happen to follow this up to Vegas and stay the weekend, there is a Vegas NSX meet on Saturday June 11th. Us Vegas locals are meeting up for dinner sometime in the afternoon and you are all welcome to join in. Look at the Summerlin NSX Meet thread (last pages) for details. We're still working out the details of when and where. Hope to see you there!
RAVN NSX said:
OK, got it! Hotel Solamar? Is that nice? i've never been there nor heard of it. :confused:
I haven't heard of it either, but looking it up on the internet, it looks like it just opened (April 2005). One block next to Petco Park, it's gotta be a nice place to stay. One thing though.....roads leading into that area of SD downtown are pretty jacked up with pot holes, cracks, trolley tracks, brutal dips, etc. You'll want to keep an eye out on the road.
Yeah, i was just there a couple of weeks ago! Construction everywhere! I'm originally from down there & now live in SF. Hope 2 meet u there! :cool: