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Please Help! Anyone in Saint Louis who can look @ NSX for me?

16 April 2005
Can anyone inspect a 94 NSX, Black/Black, 23,000 Miles, all original. I have purchased a total of 5 vechiles in the last 2 months in which, I have backed out at the last minute due to a final inspection by another individual. I have spent a thousand or two on lost downpayments, wires, etc..but it sure beats ending up with something you do not want!! So, I need the help here and with a little luck, it may be the car finally!!! Any help is greatly appreciated.

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It's 4 miles from my house. I'd be happy to take a look.
I believe I know the vehicle you're talking about. I came across this right after I purchased mine recently. From what I hear, it is in pristine condition.

Best of luck!
If KPG can't, I would be happy to help. Where is the vehicle?
jlindy said:
If KPG can't, I would be happy to help. Where is the vehicle?

hehe, miss your old car already :biggrin:
khappucino said:
hehe, miss your old car already :biggrin:

Getting there quick. :wink:
Hey Guys,

I appreciate all who offered to help. Gene (KPG), the gentlemen with the turbo'd NSX from the area spent an hour or two looking it over. Also, Steve @ the Acura dealership did an inspection. Car turned out to be an A car.......so I wired the cash today. Now, anyone know of a good reliable carrier to transport the car to Science of Speed's shop in AZ for the start of the tuning phase?

Thanks again NSX prime and especially Gene for all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!