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Please help to identify this part

30 April 2002
Communist State of California
Hi all,

The pictures of the clip belongs inside the wheel well = see pic 4. The part can not be identified by Acura, or at least the parts guy faxed me a picture of the wheel well area and the part was not listed.

The clip sits behind the wheel well liner and a screw hold the liner in place. The clip may look a bit distorted as I tried to glue it....no luck.

If anyone can give me the part number to this clip, I'd sure appreciate it.




This is where the clip belongs..behind the liner.
Seems to be one of these two part numbers:

74103-SL0-000 $5.41 list
91545-SE0-003 $3.08 list

Oder both and see what you get:):).

The upper item is NSX specific:).

Larry, the BOM shows the latter number as a part # for both earlier cars & later cars & is described as 8mm clip; I think this is the right part; the first number is for 95+ only and is just a "clip" - I don't think that's it. Not sure why they needed that additional clip on 95+ cars.
Hi Ken,

Yes that makes sense. The first part is an SL0 which tells me it was first made for the NSX. The SE0 means the part started production on another model (not sure which one:)).

Sometimes the descriptions are vague, and I do agree that the second "sounds" more appropriate.

Thanks Larry and Ken - I just ordered the parts (bottom part number 91545-SE0-003) from Niello. The parts guy told me the first part number was for the ventilation system (I think). The second number was for the wheel liner. Should get the parts in a week or so (having them mailed to me). I'll let you know if they are correct. I ordered several of them should any others decide to break.

Thank you both for your help.