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Please help with A/C part numbers

4 September 2003
Cincinnati, OH

I'm trying to figure out parts for the a/c system for a 91 NSX

I have read all the discussions of compressors, how the 10PA15c was stock but a 17c or 20c will do etc, but I am wondering what the differences between the Acura part numbers are, and why there are multiple part numbers and different prices for the same component for any given year. For example:

Expansion valve:




38810-PW0-N01 '91-'92
38810-PR7-A01 '91-'92
38810-PR7-013 '91 - '92
38810-PR7-A03 '93
38810-PR7-A04 '93 - present

Can the later models be used on a '91? What are the differences, since they are all 10PA15c's, right?

IF any a/c techs are reading this - According to my skilled mechanic, my compressor is engaging but not producing any compression, and he feels there is a piston inside with a worn gasket and so it can't produce any compression. He says that it has nearly a full charge of freon so it isn't leaking. He recommended I get a new compressor, receiver and expansion valve and I'm just trying to get the right parts since return policies aren't very liberal.

Can I just get the bare compressor and swap the pulley in this case? I can go to r134, my guy said I may as well stick to the R12 since I have a full charge and there isn't much of a cost difference anymore anyway. Opinions?

Thanks for your help

Give me your VIN:).

I have never seen a 901 suffix, is that a typo?? Where are you getting these numbers from?

Thanks for your help Larry


you may remember it from when David Leonoff had it, I think you did some transmission work for him.

I got the part numbers from delray acura - acuraoemparts.com. I did a search for 'expansion' to get the expansion valve numbers. 901 is indeed a listed suffix.

For your VIN this was the original part list:

Compressor: 38810-PW0-N01
Reciever: 80351-SL0-A01
Expansion Valve: 80220-SF4-A01

Just an FYI, when you go to the part site you have the option of using your VIN to find parts, nobody does, but this will narrow the search and only give you the parts for your VIN:):)

If I were you I would go here:


You can get a compressor rebuilt for about $300 to your door. You will need to swap the pulley and manifold from your original compressor which is pretty easy. There are a few threads in regard to doing this.

Sorry, but I cannot comment about later parts updates, but in 1993 they went to R134a so there is a change there, I think they may have upped the capacity from 150cc to 170cc.

You definately need to convert from R12 to R134a if it is not done already. There is a kit available from Acura: 38020-SM4-A1AH it's about $70