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Please post your New NSX Acura Warranty Claims


24 September 2005
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Please post your Honda warranty claims on new NSXs or NSXs with Honda extended dealer warranties.

1. Item repaired
2. How "bad" the repair was needed (ie, minor, serious, or completely gratuitous)
3. Acura dealer used
4. Any other notes that would be helpful for others that need to claim the same item.

Thanks! :smile:
I've had a few things taken care of, but one that was significant (that I didn't expect would be so costly) was the weatherstripping seal around the windows. Apparently it is one big single piece that wraps around the driver window, then over the targa, and the passenger window. Acura lists it at over a grand.

1. Weatherstripping around windows.
2. There was a tear in the material around the driver's side window corner that allowed water to infiltrate.
3. Acura of Auburn, MA
4. I can dig up more details. If needed, PM me.

1. I have had an oil leak fixed and got replacement floor mats under the original warranty.
2. Mostly cosmetic, but I am a stickler for fixing leaks.
3. Acura of Los Gatos, CA
4. No problem getting oil leak fixed. Told the dealer that I did not think that the floor mats on a $90K car should fail within 3 1/2 years.

I haven't yet had a few items fixed, but will before the warranty expires.

- Rubber seal on Targa and window. It's cracked on the driver's side and leaks a little.

- Few burnt LED bulbs on the spoiler brake light

- Floor mat NSX logos are a scandal, for a 2005

- Console aluminum plate is very scratched -- who knows why its that delicate????

- Driver's side HID light wobbles like Rosie O'Donnell at Krispy Kreme

- Strange "scratching" noise from the steering column when making sharp turns (I've been told it's the steering harness, but it didn't do this when new...:confused: )
Rubber trim/gasket around trunk lid


Fender liner clip
2003 NSX

New TB and Driver side door handle.
Targa roof seal

I'm only at 20k but the warranty is up next year. I've tracked my car quite a bit but still no problems. Love driving a Honda!
Catalytic Converters. Both, plus all 4 O2 Sensors. 97 NSX with 138k miles :) Was done right before the 10 year emissions warranty expired.
- B Pillar rubber spacer(driver side)ripped
- Both headlight housings (small scratches inside both)
- Center Caps (OEM Wheels)scratched
- 3rd Break Light(WING) entire LED array 2 LEDs out
- Rear light (break/running/backup assmbly)fogging
- ENTIRE CLUTCH System (factory installed wrong)
- Trunk lid adjustment (not closing correctly)
- Dealership had to replace Escort SRX Brain they shorted out the voice when replacing black for yellow carpet.

That's all I can think of. They maybe a couple of other things I can't remember.

Work was done at Valley Acura in Spokane WA. They are without a doubt, the worst dealership I have ever dealt with. All of these items were like pulling teeth.

To me all of these items were make or break items. I keep the car spotless inside and out and expect the dealership to deliver second to none service and products.