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Please welcome Terrypancake

25 September 2002
Fellow Prime members,

I would like to introduce a new NSX owner AKA:Terrypancake. (Applause)
Terry solicited my help in finding his dream; a 1995 NSX-T Formula red. We traveled to Jackson Mississippi to look over "Spin Doctor's" (Prime member) NSX.
It turned out to be a very clean NSX and a deal, (read dream) was made.
Terry is quite knowledgeable having a Honda 2000 so the NSX was the next evolution for Terry. I was happy to help Terry as a fellow Prime member and now Terry has actually occupied his time with other matters despite the fact he hasn't slept in a few days since taking delivery of his NSX.
I want to thank all the Prime members whom over time have taken me from new owner to knowing just enough to be dangerous about the NSX.

The Prime is a gathering of dreams....



Welcome,hope you can make it to nsxpo,enjoy your car,and the great group of prime and nxsca members!
Welcome to the group!

A little advice for all new owners:

Drive it as much as you can, as miles do not hurt them at all, and if you ever sell it you will always wish you had driven it more.

Do not buy from Dali Racing, unless you do it COD. You will find out why when you read the forums in some detail.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions, as we have a large number of very knowledgable and helpful fellow NSXer's

How did you come by your username?

(I hope it wasn't from pancaking a landing, if you're in skyguy's profession!)
I was thinking the same ? Ken but I figured he owned a IHOP franchise,or worse "Waffle House".Look out Tony D!
Thank you for the welcome. This site, i.e. you guys, have been a lot of help in my short period of time here. SkyGuy is the one to blame for my new car addiction. I have always loved the NSX, I just didn’t know anybody or anywhere that I could find out everything I needed to know to find the right NSX.
Yes, I am the founder of the Waffle House Corporation.
Question: Who goes to a Waffle House? Most people don't go to a Waffle House, they end up at a Waffle House.
Ok, would you believe I look younger after a face lift?

I LOVE the Waffle House. Why don't we have any in the Northeast? As my fellow Northeast Members can attest, one of the highlights of my trips to NSXPO is a stop at a Waffle House for a pecan waffle.

Is there one near the Ebassy Suites in Pheonix?
thedon67 said:

I LOVE the Waffle House.

"Great place to work - Great place to eat"


Can't tell you how many times we eneded up there in Atlanta in an "altered state" at 3AM.

No really - I can't tell you...


Hey good for you!!

Now...um...You gotta a pancake fetish??

J/K...hell I gotta Blade Fetish so who am I to talk.

So Terry, tell us how if felt driving home for the first time in your NSX.
I hope the pancake does not refer to a landing! :eek:

Welcome to the cult.
BladesNSX said:
So Terry, tell us how if felt driving home for the first time in your NSX.
I was like parking on prom night.. :biggrin:
Thanks you guys.
White94 said:
I hope the pancake does not refer to a landing! :eek:

Welcome to the cult.

Cult? You couldn't be more correct. I love it. Where's the drinks? :biggrin:
I hear a good landing is one you walk away from. A great landing is one you get to use the airplane again. Hey, but what do I know?