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pleasure vehicle insurance

16 January 2001
Miami, FL. US
I am looking to get a second vehicle. I have heard of special insurance for cars like the NSX. Your car is considered a pleasure vehicle. The miles you can put on your car per year are limited as a result. Does anyone here have this insurance. What are your opinions on this type of insurance? Any recommendations?

Thanx guys

I have pleasure vehicle discount. i do not remember the discount at the top of my head but there is a certain discount for the amount of miles you put on the car a month. The less miles, the bigger of a discount. My agent never have checked the mileage i put on the car.
I don't think this is a special kind of insurance, it's just a way of rating and pricing coverage under a conventional policy.

The pleasure driving category means the car is not used for commuting to work or in a business, and sometimes it includes a maximum number of miles per year.

Your insurance agent or company normally asks you these questions when you add a car to your policy, and you can change the coverage if the status of the car changes.
I guess I have the pleasure insurance.. but I highly doubt that they will check to see if you really rode for less than 5000 miles.(Not that I drive that much). It's not really discount...just the way they rate I think. But if you are getting a second car, that'll decrease your insurance(per car) if they are on the same policy.
Basically, the low mileage discount is typically just the discount for having multiple cars under a single driver.

Question though, I will be moving and will be shipping my nsx on a trailer behind my rental moving van. Wondering about insurance coverage for something like this? Anyone done this before with their nsx?
The alternative will be to ship with a carrier ~$750.00 @1000 miles.
Thanx for the input guys,

However, I understand the concept behind "pleasure vehicle insurance". My insurance company has stated that they WILL check my milage per year. If I go over the max. allowed miles, the insurance charged will be conventional insurance, IOW more money. For those of you who have this type of insurance, what insurance company do you have? How convenient is this insurance for you? BTW, I already have a "multi-car insurance" discount.