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Plug and play LED lights solution! No hyperflash and no brake lamp error!

While MotorMouth does express caution,

I ordered my LEDs from aliexpress.



I am happy with them and the price is right. I ordered from a few stores and they appear to be the same with some sort of automated production. The festoon bulbs have polarity and it needs to be checked on each installation.

I did get red LEDs for the tails, but dunno if the whites would have been a better choice.

Still highly cost-effective even if a few fail now and them.

edit: and you gotta get one of these work lights, darn amazing. The branded version sells for $55. You get good at finding the small amounts of steel on the car for the magnet mount.
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Really? I've had SuperBrightLeds bulbs in various cars for years and not a single one has ever given me trouble. A couple friends have ordered from there too over the past few years with no issues. Which bulbs did you buy? Here's my order from 2016 for the NSX. (some of the quantities were wrong)

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This is everything but the interior lights. For the 5 interior lights (2 overhead, 2 courtesy lights in the doors, one in the trunk) I use these https://www.superbrightleds.com/mor...ed-bulb-4-smd-led-festoon-30mm-car/2107/4844/ I've used those exact bulbs in several cars over the past 4 years or so with no issues so far.

I'm having better luck with the last replacements that I ordered. They have been in the car for about 2 years now with no issues. It's possible that they just had a bad batch. Like all LED failures that I have seen in the past, it isn't the actual LED that fails but the other components in the circuit. The bulbs will glow with less intensity and flicker rapidly.