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Poor condition NSX available in Florida....

22 March 2000
Planet Earth
I meet Paul from NYC to check out a 1992 NSX with him. The car is in very rough condition and would make a nice track car for someone. It is a Canadian car with 266,xxx Km on the odo, about 166,xxx miles. The car was not driveable because the battery was dead, and according to the dealer the car will not stay in first gear. Tranny is in snap ring range and probably not repaired and the clutch master cylinder was bone dry. No maintanence history. Interior has carpet mold and the leather needs replacement on both seats. The exterior was okay, but the roof is faded and front bumper has been repainted. I couldn't see any indication that the car was crashed. A quick estimation makes me think that $6,000-$7,500 in service gets the car on the road. Another $2,500 in cosmetic/interior repairs makes it a good daily driver. The dealer wants about $20k, but I think it's worth around $15k-$18k.

I have no affiliation with the dealer, but if you do an autotrader search for the car in zip code 33426 it will come up. The dealer was a straight foward guy and wasn't aware that this NSX was such a rat when he took it in on a trade.