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Poor Man's Nav Pod? Print your own - Design survey

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Jan 11, 2021
Ontario, Canada
(I hesitate to refer to anything NSX-related as "poor man's" version, but...)

I really like GPS navigation and a back-up camera is really handy for practically any vehicle, let alone my NSX. My ashtray mounted GPS/back-up camera monitor worked well, but it was a little lower than I'd like and could get blocked a bit by the shifter in 3rd.

I liked the Garmin GPS in the Nav Pod option shown by Lamchop168 in 2014
But I'm thinking I might go with a GPS/dash cam combo in future, which won't be able to see through the pod. Also, I like to use my Garmin GPS on my other vehicles (way better than the OEM stuff) instead of siliconing it permanently to the Nav pod, so I thought I'd try and design one to be 3D-printed. It will replace the clock, but most GPS's display the time, and you never have to set it.

I haven't had much feedback on the dozen or so other parts I've uploaded for the NSX, so I thought I'd try a pre-poll. I haven't encountered how to do polls on NSX prime so here it is in text form. My main questions are:
  1. How much does it need to be elevated to use with a dash cam? I'll probably just leave it low for now. Fairly easy to modify it to raise it a few inches in future for a dash cam to work as well.
  2. Should I make it easy to slide in and out like the clock, or have it screw in like the bracket for the OEM Nav Pod? My draft uses tabs modelled after the clock lock tabs, but I do like screwing things down to stiffen it.
  3. Should I dispense with the upper part that locks into the GPS (45 mm disk or 17 mm ball) and just make a flat surface to mount an GPS suction bracket to?
  4. Should I dispense with the upper part that locks into the GPS and just make a strong slat to mount a typical vent-mount holder to?
  5. There's power for the clock - make a cutout section for a 12v=>USB conversion inside?


This is my 1st draft - looks more Mercedes-like than OEM Honda, but I'm not sure there are a lot more options with the dash real estate available. (The small part that connects to the GPS and fits in the center opening is not shown. The vertical holes are temporary so I can print it in sections to check fitment and will be removed at the end.) You can download the .stl at thingiverse to view in 3D with your own image viewer:

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