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Portland / SW Washington

17 September 2000
San Diego, CA
I have been away from Portland for the past 3 years, where there was a small group that would meet on occasion. Any people meeting on the regular anymore in the general Portland area? I am moving back from the Bay Area this Summer and wouldn't mind hooking up with the local NSX group if there is one :D

You could come join us the Seattle group, yes, they are not that active either, but couple of us will try to make it better.

This is our next event: http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=49486

Yeah, it's a long drive, but I'll look forward to see you.
BTW, you may contact titaniumdave, I never met Dave but he seems like a nice, helpful guy and a track junkie, and he's in OR. He might have more info for your local meet.
Jonathan said:
Aha, looks like it will be lonely back up in Portland then... :(
Have been away from prime for a while, sorry. Let me know when you are going to be here, not a lot of oganized stuff going on right now, will be a couple of drives this summer and I will be out at PIR quite a bit, if you like tracking. About a dozen NSXres around, including Morgan the best tech around! We will do dinner when you get here!

Will be a group driving down to NSXPO this fall to!
Is Morgan still at AOP? Morgan has done some work on my car in the past when I was living in Portland a few years back.

I had heard he got an NSX finally :D

Because of my height it's pretty hard to track my NSX without seat mods (due to helmet of course), but I would definitely love to come out and watch other people track their cars at PIR.

Looking forward to it -

Morgan is still at AOP, has a killer shop at his place too!

First thing I did was take the seat cusion out and replace it with a 1/2" thinsulate pad :wink: , no way in hell I could get my helmet to fit inside the car! Easy mod to do, would be happy to show you when you get here. I leave my cusion loose and just pull it out when I go to the track, the shape of the seat bottom keeps eveything in place nicely with out fasteners.

Let me know when you will be here.

Cool man, we're heading up around the 4th of July, I'll definitely drop you a note, would be cool to hook up.