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Possible Fuel Pump Problem?

29 November 2006
I had my car go into limp mode today...very weird though...and scary! I am wondering if it is a fuel issue because the car has stalled for a few seconds on a number of occassions...but, man has it been flying and purring like a kitten! I gased up the car...drove it for 25 minutes and then went to a store and turned it off. When I started it again, it went into limp mode with the green "D" transmission indicator flashing!! Having had tranny problems with all of my GM cars...I of course got worried...I limped the car home...turned her off - disconnected the battery...I started the car 10 hours later...and the limp mode was gone - as was the green flashing light...but now the speedometer did not work...lol...the car drove and excelerated brilliantly...so...I am unsure what it is...so it could be a sensor...any ideas or similar issues? Any ideas would be a relief for me...thanks:wink:

OK....sounds like you have an automatic. My NSX's are both manual trans but when the Green square light around the "D" flashed on my Acura Legend, it meant the vehicle speed sensor was bad. Swapped the sensor.....everything was fine. That would explain your speedo not working. It doesn't really explain the car stalling on you.

As far as the On my '91 NSX, when the vehicle speed sensor went bad (it was a manual so no green flashing light) but it did get the TCS light and a CEL and the speedo would fluctuate or not work at all. Maybe the lack of input from the VSS is messing with the TCS??? Either that or you have two unrelated problems.
Thank you for your answer...the car did have a new speed sensor done about 2 years ago...before I bought it...and the person put it in himself...so it is possible that the sensor is off.

2 things you can check: the speed sensor connector should be checked. It is located on the top part of the transmission (SM 13-6).
The main relay should be examined for good solder points, it can sometimes give these symptoms (in older cars). The fuel system itself can be the problem, but usually try looking for an electronic cause first before the mechanical investigation.