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Possible Meet Oct. 19!

12 July 2008
Hey guys tell me what you think about a meet in Killeen, TX! I'm thinking about having a meet on Oct 19, which is a Sunday. The meet isn't just going to be NSX's, I'm thinking more along the lines of Z's and G's, Evo's, Subarus, Toyota, Lexus, and S2's I'd like to have a meet of higher end cars.

What do you guys think?

Probably be just a meet and hopefully a BBQ! LMK Guys!!
I would be interested in going. Just keep me informed on where the location is.
Annie and I can asemble the 350zs and G35s!!!!
I think that the 19th is definitly a winner.
Just need a time and a place to advertise!!!!!
I know Chris and Luis should be here to at some point!!!! (right boys)
Definitely, I'm not sure as far as a place, but a lot of people have started to flake on me (from other forums) because of Ike. There was a nice group of people from Houston that are asking me if I can postpone. I definitely like to do this on the 19th though.

Gil, as far as a drive though; I'm not quite sure, there's a lot of places that most of us won't make it around Killeen. Y'know how that goes.