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Possible NSX JGTC poster - reply if you are interested


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3 February 2000
I got this e-mail from a guy trying to gauge interest in a JGTC NSX poster. For anyone not familiar with JGTC, it's a big race series in Japan. http://www.jgtc.net

I have no affiliation with Mr. Baker but figured the best way to get feedback was to post it here and tell him to check the responses. Here is his e-mail:

From: "antony baker"
To: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 22:30:51 +0930


I was thinking of producing a JGTC Raybrig NSX poster because I like the way they look, maybe with each Kunimitsu car from each year, do you know how popular this series/team is in Japan/worldwide, do you think its worth doing? Here's a Formula 1 poster I did, the NSX one would be something similar

Hope to hear what you think

thanks, Antony


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I'd buy one of those that was NSX-related.

However, I'd be even more interested in posters that were just one large picture of a nice-looking NSX.

Hey Lud how about creating a post for submit your favorite NSX picture to be used in creating a poster. Each entry would need to state that the submiter has rights to the image and that it can be used for the purpose of creating a poster. Also we want a small image posted but either the real photo or very-high res image for production.

I think I may have a way to get them produced at a low cost if we allow a promotional tag on it somewhere. I'm thinking we'd only need to charge production cost and shipping. Private me if you're interested.

BTW this is a very cool racing series. I wish we had something like this in the states.
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