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Post your most recent picture of your NSX...

Parking lot at night, woke up the artiest in me


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A shot from a recent event in Northern Alberta, Canada. For those interested, this is a link to the album. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=travis.roe.16&set=a.10168217483470381

My car is right there, can't you see it? The silver one, it's so obvious!

NSXPO 2023 Saturday dinner.jpg
A couple others I made. Since there are some modifications that can be made to your car in GT7 (Far too few unfortunately, mostly wheels and a few body mods), it is pretty cool in that you can get an idea how your car would look with certain mods in certain colors. You can even use the VR headset to see how the car would look in person,NSX_Rear.jpegSHARE_20220419_0114140.jpegSHARE_20221128_0126170.jpeg although they do appear a little smaller than they are in real life. Pretty cool nonetheless...