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Power Seat Question

23 March 2005
Occasionally, my power seat adjuster doesn't work on the passenger side. I am really bummed, because when I tried to show the guy at Acura it worked fine, but when I got home, it seemed broke again. It was working fine until my girlfriend got in and tried to move the seat up, it was broke. Any help would be appreciated.
We replace motors and switches in more or less equall numbers. They often start to go intermittantly- somestimes they make contact, sometimes they don't. Only way to know is to remove switch when system is not working and test manualy.

Thanks everyone. I guess then what I have to do is take the switches off, and test them manually with a battery. Thanks again.

My seat sometimes binds when I move it forwards. I can feel it twist and it stops dead. I move it back a bit and then it goes forward again to where I want it.