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Pre purchase inspection

I know of nobody around Naperville. However, there is a dealership up near Schaumburg (Mueller's Woodfield Acura) who I've used who does good work. The owner of Smart Auto in Mt. Prospect (David) is a former NSX owner and would be someone to consider. John Vasos of Asteri Motorsports up in Milwaukee is an outstanding NSX technician and would be the ultimate choice to perform a ppi. Finally, I could give you the name of a fellow NSX owner who, while not a mechanic, has a solid knowledge of these cars and would probably be willing to look it over closely. I see that you're a new member, so you presumably cannot pm me, but if you want to provide me with your e-mail I can try to help out a little more if possible.
thanks for the reply I may be passing on this car but if I change my mind I will get in touch with you I'm down in Florida and had a 91 NSX 20 years ago I should have never sold. This car is silver that I am looking at with a hundred fourteen thousand miles but that doesn't bother me.