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Pre Purchase Question (does this look odd)

16 April 2001
Irvine, CA


I can't get the pic to show up.. IF you don't see the pic please check the URL.

This is on a 91 NSX. Does anything look odd here or is that bar in front of the tire normal? I don't remember the 2000 suspension looking like that.

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comletely normal you don't see it on the newer NSX's cause the wheels are now bigger hiding the pivot piece somewhat...
Originally posted by NSXIFIED:
comletely normal you don't see it on the newer NSX's cause the wheels are now bigger hiding the pivot piece somewhat...

Not by much. The difference in the outer radius of the stock size tires (between the '91-96 and the '97+) is only a quarter of an inch. That's the same as the difference due to the amount of tread between a new tire and one that has been worn down to the treadwear indicators.
Originally posted by Edo:
Yes, that is notmal on all NSx's. That is the Compliance Pivot. A unique suspension peice that is indigenous to the NSX only I believe...

Is the compliance pivot really only on the NSX? If so what exactly does it do and why don't any other cars have it?
As far as I know the Compliance Pivot is unique to the NSX. Why other cars dont have it? I don't know...

As far as what it does, it reduces dynamic Toe change during hard braking and cornering which makes for a much more stable and predictable car both at 1/10th and 10/10ths, since the Alignment doesnt change very much.
I think the NSX booklet said it reduces Toe change to something like 0.5mm's or something like that...although that seems like alot of Toe Change to me...
Thanks guys. I just didn't remember that piece being there. I have been trying to decide weather to get an older NSX for now or an RSX-S. I have decided to go with a new RSX-S and hold off for a NEW NSX later next year. That said the Pic I posted was from this car: http://www.parkplaceltd.com/webinventory/details.asp?id=551

I never looked at it in person, but it seems to be in good condition from the web site. I am passing this along as it seems to be a good low milage (25,896 miles) '91 and someone might be interested. The only potential problem I found out about this car was that it's transmission number is j4a41004323 which as I understand it falls within the snap ring failure range. (I have nothing to gain bla bla..)


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hey, i posted twice cool....not to put your new car down but be carefull not to miss any gears when shifting. my service manger at the acura dealer said they are having horrible transmision problem, 1 miss and the tranny needs to be completely rebuilt and warranty isn't covering it because it's considered abuse!!!!!!!!!!
The compliance pivot is designed to allow the front wheel to move backwards when hitting a pot hole or other road irregularities without having the front toe change. Makes for less darting of the steering wheel and a smoother drive.

Thanks quite a transition from your 2000 Yellow NSX-T Blurr, any reasons you're going fo the 91?

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