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Precursor to NXS...got that there VTACK?

Is this a joke?? haha....he thinks he's got a cold air intake. I really wonder who hooked up the car for him because he seems to have no idea. It does have a pretty sweet swap setup though.
just realized the title of the post has a sad mispelling...

He has no idea...but this guy is my new hero! "...this right here (points to gauge)I'm not sure what the hell it does, but it looks pretty good, plus the LEDs and sh$t blink" ..." "These...do absolutely sh$t, but I like to brag and say they're NOS"

"true Ram air...pretty tight"


If we all could be so honest...
I love this guy!
Hey stop making fun of that guy. Just cause he doesn't know much about the car doesn't mean he is stupid. He just wants to be cool like you guys. So he tries want to make his car look cool. I guess he doesn't like to get techincal so he refers to the gagues as "Thingys". You see he might be a newbie but you shouldn't make fun of the guy cause of that. You should help the guy out actually give him a lesson on what those "Thingys" are called. If you know the guy though.

I know the guy sounds like a hillbilly teenager that is acting cool. Just.. Oh what ever the guy is a brainless when it comes to cars is that better. It is halarious i know that but hey some people just want to be cool.