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Pretty good NSX thread on Supra Forums

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got in...

well it was a pretty ground breaking car for its time ... one of the first super cars to come out of japan .. titanium rods .. light weight materials .. the chassis is amazing on that car .. 0-60 around 4.8 seconds .. and you have to respect the fact this is the only japanese sports car even through the darkages when the VR4 our beloved SUPRA the RX-7 all went out of production .. all but this car stood around all those years .. thats very respectable in my opinion .. that car has stood the test of time .. it might not have the highest horsepower and gobble of torque and twin turbos .. but overall that car is perfection .. it makes the best of everything its got .. the engine .. the chassis .. the build quality .. I remember hearing someone there was a NSX with 343,000 miles on the original motor .. now thats something else .. can you do that on a ferrari .. I dont think so .
holy #$#@#@$#@.

Allan Lambo is on there posting as well... Doesn't the guy have anything nice to say about NSXs??? For someone who used to own one he sure became an a$$.

Allan just posted that same sh$t on the Viper forums talking about the next NSX. He's a top shelf loser that does nothing but stroke his own ego. :cool:

from the thread
had 2 Nsx's. Nice cars, grossly underpowered. That 12.90 in the Car and Driver article is a fluke, thats the absolute fastest ever recorded by an NSx by a HUGE margin. In reality, the 3.2's have a hard time running over 106-108 mph in the 1/4. That video from the Best Motoring series is for entertainment, Gansan, drives like a maniac, hitting each burm head on, almost hitting other drivers etc, while other guys, like the guys in the Lambo, have never even driven those cars before, and they take it easy. The Nsx-r is also not U.S. available, it is stripped out car, the motors produce more power than advertised, no a/c etc.
while I see Alan's point on Best Motoring video that Gan San drives like a maniac as usual. As I pointed out in the past...

But anyone who had been on the track could also related that, you might just get very aggressive on your $10k car and get some respectable lap times. While when you are driving a $300k car and you know you can't pay for any damage, you tends to putting around??

Mind you most Best Motoring drivers were winnners of Lemans, JGTC, F3, Jtcc, Rally, Open lap challenge...etc etc. Again, if someone like that in their caliber and said going easy on track. They are not exactly driving like your mom in Sunday church drive.