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Previously seen NSX reappears (Jh4na21661t000147)

6 September 2012
Erie, CO
(First time poster..)

This car seems to have been covered before, namely here:

It is now for sale in Denver, CO on CL,

Any one have a opinion on whether this car is worth it? Or is the questionable history around it just not worth it? I want to take a look at it and probably will, but his asking price is a bit out of my range and it doesn't look like he'll budge.

(No NSX yet, but going to NSXPO really has me grooving to get in..)
Something is goofy with the front panel, probably repainted at some point based on the missing logo.

Price isn't that far off for a shady history 2001 in my opinion, but as always with "shady" it depends on how dark the grey areas of its history are. Macninja77 seems to have some insight on the vehicle, you may want to send him a PM for details. Certainly walk in to this cautiously and get some insight from experienced NSX folks (there should be more than a few in Colorado ;) ), after owning the car for a while it is amazing how quickly people can spot oddities that are invisible to less experienced eyes.

Good luck!