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prices on the rise?

16 May 2001
i've been loosely tracking late model nsx prices online. is it me or are they slowly creeping back up to healthier levels?

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I've seen a lot of good deals lately on some of the sites more so early models a year ago it seems a good clean 91 with 60,000 miles went for $33-34K now I have seen a couple for $31-32k. I guess it all depends if the seller wants to let the car go or not everybodys situation is different.

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory
They seem to be stable for the past month or two. The late model prices (the ones Nick is asking about) are down significantly from 6-12 months ago, with many asking prices on the '97 in the $54-57K range, vs low sixties a year ago. Model years later than '97 are difficult to determine because there are so few of them, and owners put them up for sale with false hopes of getting close to what they paid for them.

Since Steven raised the topic of the early models, I don't think the prices of the '91-92 have changed much - maybe a grand or two (like he says), at most. It's difficult to tell, because many of the older cars being represented as clean are not. The older the car, the bigger the differences in condition, and the more that comes into play in determining price.

I haven't noticed any evidence of prices rising. There may be a seasonal rise in another couple of months, with the approach of spring and warmer weather.

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There is a small chance I may be placing my NSX up for sale during the next few months to make room for the baby coming in August.
However, I would be selling gor 35K FIRM!

Too much??? oh well....
Guess I'll just have to keep it.
If you are patient you can find great deals on anything. It is a buyer's market. I bought my 91 6-speed for 26k with the following problems:

1 - A/C Condesors contaminated. (Bought used pair / installed / recharged / good as new)

2 - Interior (Ivory) dirty and worn for 60k. (I swapped the complete interior to Black)

3 - Reverse lock out not functioning (Discussed in this site, in progress)

4 - Security /Keyless Entry not working (Fixed it)

5 - Needed Timing belt/Waterpump (Even though it only has 60k, I am in the get it fixed after 9 years crowd, I have already seen one bad NSX motor. Never again)

6 - RR wheel locked (Fixed ABS!)

7 - UGLY Stock 15/16. (Replaced)

8 - Rock chips (Getting fixed this summer)

Overall, the car was in great shape. I love working on it so getting a break on the price due to condition was fine for me.

Off topic: I can not believe how well made this car is. I take apart every car I own. Every part lined up perfectly during my interior swap. No fussing with broken tabs / screws that don not line up.