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Primewell Tires ?

8 July 2002
Does anyone have experience with Primewell PZ900 W rated tires?

I'm assuming they are Chinese made

They've got two great words in their name so they MUST be good!
"Prime" as in "NSXPrime" and "well" as in "in good health" :smile:

No, I have not heard of Primewell, but it's definitely not a tire I'd take a chance on with my NSX.
I've had consistently poor experiences with off-brand tires, and I've heard plenty of horror stories.

Also, there are so many choices available among major-brand tires, and ways to economize when purchasing them, that I think there are lots better ways to save money than to take risks with those off brands.
My local tire dealer sells those tires. They are indeed Chinese made. They are very cheap. He said he has not had issues with any clients coming back and complaining. But he did say that most people that bought them were on a very tight budget and had beater cars. He said it should be decent for city use, but not sure about highway and high speed.

I wouldn't run no name tires on my cars, especially the nsx.