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Problem with reading PM

15 April 2011
Melbourne Australia
I have a pm notification but when i go to Private messages inbox there is no message there.
Now i have constantly "your notifications 1" all the time and no way to read the message.
Can anyone help?
I suspect you have some kind of notification other than a Private Message.

In the "Welcome" box on the upper right, where it says "Your Notifications: 1", what happens when you click the little triangle to the right of the 1, the one that looks like this:

The following are the different types of actions that can result in notifications; as you can see, they are not all Private Messages:

Unread Private Messages
Unread Visitor Messages
Unapproved Visitor Messages
Incoming Friend Requests
Social Groups Join Requests
Social Group Invitations
Unread Picture Comments
Picture Comments Awaiting Approval
Unapproved Group Messages

Tell us which one has a number 1 next to it, and then we can tell you what type of action might clear it out (although it will probably be pretty obvious at that point).
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Give me your password and let me check for you. :biggrin:

Just kidding. Is your PM box full? That's the only other thing I can think of.
No. Not full.
I did have two windows on prime open at the same time i received a message last night.
I only received an email for one message but when i went to "your notifications" it said i have two unread messages but i could only find one unread message in my inbox.
Now i have no unread messages in my inbox but it still says i have 1 unread in "your notifications"
Very strange.
I can think of one other possibility.

I assume you're aware that in the list of private messages, the unread ones are shown in bold. When you click on "Unread Private Messages", it will show you the list of ALL private messages, read and unread. They are in order by date/time, so the unread one is not necessarily the first one on the list. If it's old and you've received and read 50 messages since then, it might not even be on the first page. Is it possible that you have an unread private message but it's buried somewhere down in your inbox?