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Pros and Cons for upgrading VTEC cams in the NSX? n/m

I have the Comptech cams with a more aggressive (higher lift) VTEC profile. They are a nice improvement over the stock cams, although they don't address the real problem with the engine (low end). There is little or no increase in overlap, so they work well with forced induction. If you get them, you should upgrade your springs or you will get float at high rpm. Since they increase lift without significantly increasing duration, you need stiff springs for the valves to keep up.
What kind of hp increase can you gain with the cams?
And also has anyone had experience with increasing the compression on the engine??
One owner w/ the Ctech cams and valve springs had a piston hit a valve. On tear-down he found several broken springs. This was about 50k miles after they were installed. You might want to replace them more often than OEM if you get them.

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I witnessed someone dynoing his 3.0 with a set of CT cams, and the gains were very, very minimal. I can't recall the figures, but he told me he was disappointed with the gains vs. the $$$ he laid out. He said with some porting, labor and some other misc fixes, that he had laid out over $10k. He said he should have gone with the super charger!