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Protect the Paint while Transporting your NSX

22 February 2007
Sunny SW
If you're going to transport your NSX via open or even enclosed carrier and want to protect the paint plus have some added peace of mind when its on the road, I sell individual rolls (24"x20' for $29) or bulk rolls (custom x custom) of 3mil white automotive transport wrap. (If you are shipping enclosed, you should still cover around the door handles and fenders to prevent possible light scratching, and the hood/roof/trunk as well since an old classic could leak something onto you below.)

It's also convenient to have around when you're working on the car and want to quickly cover and protect certain body panels from grease, tool scratches, etc. It has a rubber based adhesive and does not leave any residue whatsoever once removed and it very easy to apply and reapply if necessary. Another unique benefit of Transportwrap is that it comes with a removable backing/liner which allows you to custom cut to size first, before you apply. With most automotive film wraps, you're working with the sticky side right off the roll and that can get challenging at times and lead to waste.

For more info or to order, PM me or visit:

That's a good question. Since track speeds really vary, a debris impact could be in excess of 80+mph so my initial thought in answering the question is that a single layer would not, or not as much protection as the blue painters tape provides. But more importantly, what mil thickness do we think is necessary to provide the desired amount of protection on the track?

Transportwrap is a 3.0 mil thickness layer designed to protect from the kind of debris you may run into on a flatbed or carrier for hundreds of miles on a highway around 75-80 mph.

Blue painter's grade masking tape, for example (which some guys use on here) is around 5.1-5.3 mil thickness.

So doubling it would get you to 6.0, however, I can carry a heavier mil weight of 5.0 mil and 6.0 mil with the same Edgelift Resist and Non-Stick Residue Adhesive (only comes in white), it would look a lot nicer than masking tape and come off way easier. Normally, Transportwrap is available in white, black, and clear in 3.0 mil thickness, but currently, I only have white in stock as it is best for resisting the sun's rays and the absolute best for allowing you to see if there's been any damage whatsoever during shipment. As of now, I do not carry anything heavier than 3 mil as the higher mils are pretty much used exclusively for the heaviest and hardest parts of the assembly line, but because of your inquiry, I'm looking into it.

I'd be willing to send out a sample or two of the 3.0 mil and let some track guys experiment with it if they choose to do so. I personally don't track my NSX, but as mentioned, if someone wants to test it out and see what mil weight is really necessary, I can get it over to them free of charge as long as they give me some feedback. If I get some 5.0 mil or 6.0 mil in stock, I'll post it here.
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Hey guys, just got in the 6.0 mil Transportwrap. Like mentioned earlier, this is the absolute thickest automotive film made for protecting the body's finish during assembly.

I'm willing to bet that it will do a great job on the track and stick on like a second skin. It's thicker than blue masking tape (by over half a mil), will go on real easy and come off even easier (and looks better than tape IMO).

Again, if there are any takers on testing it on the track (I don't track), I'm up for sending a few samples out at no charge, just give me a report on what you experienced and think of the overall protection. Just PM or post me if interested, Thx.