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Pulled the Trigger Just Picked up Veilside Fortune Maisty NSX Kit

25 November 2004
I know there is tons of controversy with the look, and the change in apperance with the Veilside Fortune Kit, but after looking at the other widebodies out there on the market, I feel this is the most aggressive, and head turning of them all. I should have pictures of the install ready in two weeks. We are grafting the kit onto our 1995 Acura NSX-T. This car will be the iForged Project Car for 2005. It will be in our booth at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in Nov.

I can't wait to show NSX Prime members the step by step build of our project car. We have some big time sponsors helping us out with this project, it should come out as nice or nicer than our Techart Widebody Supercharged Porsche Project Car we did for 2004. We will be documenting everything on this website as well as projectnsx.com The car will have the Comptech Supercharger, plus Nitrous. We hope to be pushing 370 Rwhp on it.

Here are some of our last projects



teh awesome :biggrin:

cant wait to see it, that kit is hot,
for some its a bit much, but then again, thats kinda the point :biggrin:
Just picked up the kit today. The kit is so complete. Body shop will start it on monday.

Some Pictures of the Parts




if you don't mind me asking ..$$s pls
PM if you wish..the kit ..the install..and then the paint

Yea how about an update? Like the Wendys lady said "Where's the Beef? :biggrin:
I really like the kit except the rear part and the wing.the front though its cool.I really hate the yellow ad nsx with those glittery sticker thingys looks like crack head barbie's car yuuuck!
Candy Red Paint from BASF.

BASF!?....Damn I heard about there paint...one of the best on the market, you do got sponsors, or a fat pocket.

Also, is the Tech-art kit for porsches fiber glass or poly urethane in the front?
that widebody porsche is sex on wheels!
good luck with the veilside!
That has to be the nicest and most modified 99' C2 I have ever seen. I love the TechArt kit. :eek:

I look forward to seeing pics of your NSX widebody project. Considering the work you did on the C2, your NSX project will surely be a first rate, tasteful and over the top all at the same time.

I look forward to seeing it at SEMA this year. :smile:
"Also, is the Tech-art kit for porsches fiber glass or poly urethane in the front?"

i believe tech art is carbon kevlar. i wouldn't want a urethane fb on a porsche, it would be flopping around everywhere.