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Q: Recommendation for high-end car detailers in Hong Kong

14 April 2004
Houston / NYC / Tokyo
Question for our Hong Kong members, as the title stated, can you recommend some high-end detailers in Hong Kong?

I am asking this for my bro-in-law, who's looking into buying an 911 Turbo that had seen some track time. Therefore, he wants to take it to a detailer after closing of the sale...

Is there anything in HK that comes close to something like this?


Thanks in advance :biggrin:
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If the car been tracked, that would be in Zhihai China.. I do not think the detailer would be able to do much as the front end and side skirts etc.would likely be pretty sad looking.
There are the ususal detailers , like Challenger, located in some of the more upscale shopping mall car park. I think he may need some major re-touching etc. Suggest HK Motoring in Kwun Tong. The owner. Tommy Li is the chairman for the NSX club here and do a lot of work on Porsches, Ferraris and Lambos etc. He has a paintship and do conversions/detailing etc. give them a call and take the car over to get an estimate. Tel # 23318233.
They recently restored an award winning RED Flag sedan/China for another X club member. :smile: