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Qualcomm Auto-X

9 February 2000
San Diego!!!!

Saturday, at the suggestion of Poloman, a number of NSXers got together to watch autocrossing at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.

Here's a link to an album with pics from the event:

Glad to have finally met up with you guys!!

1995 NSX-T
1999 3.2TL
2001 Odyssey
1992 SC400
Hey guys, I likewise had a great time meeting everyone. It was a very nice turnout. =) Look forward to meeting up again in the near future!

Btw, anyone know who to email to change your avatar to a personalized one?

Originally posted by Darkcyd:

Btw, anyone know who to email to change your avatar to a personalized one?


You'll need email your personalized avatar to Lud.
Read about it here: http://www.nsxprime.com/ubb/Forum7/HTML/000026.html

1995 NSX-T
1999 3.2TL
2001 Odyssey
1992 SC400

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Nice to meet all of you, too bad only three NSXs were man...or woman(Heidi) enough to autocross.

Good too see a 1992 Kaiser silver next to a 2001 Silverstone silver


Also an ex Ferrari owner with the red NSX.

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Whatever happened to Marco? Wasn't he supposed to get a list together and email us or something? =) Yo Marco! Wake up! ;P
Hey, what's up fellas. I've been in New York the last week on an Arbitration. Anyways, I was thinking of meeting up next weekend maybe sunday (03-24-02). I will attempt to contact everyone as soon as I have a change to breath. They have me running around like a fool here at my work. Our office manager had a nervous break-down, so I had to pick up all of the slack. Sorry for the delay in replying. Hope to see all of you guys soon.

P.S. I sold my '99 Blades! I sold them to Bruce, you guys should remember him. He was in the '91 Red/Blk.