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Question Regarding floormats

14 September 2000
folsom CA
I have a '92 and noticed the floormats do shift to the back.. Now in the carpet there are 2 precut holes for what I think are for the floormat. Can anyone confirm this and what can I do to get one that doesnt shift.

'92 Sebring Silver NSX #181
My friend has a spa yellow nsx with little hooks on the floor that the carpeting hooks into. i was curious about this too when i bought my car, and there were no hooks for my new zanardi mats to hook into. maybe this was added on later nsxes?

1991 Berlina Black
all stock, needs parts!
When I ordered my new floormats from Tracy at Gunn Acura, the drivers side mat came with a hook that screwed into the floor infront of the drivers seat. I found it strange that these hooks were not standard in earlier NSX's, but Acura obviously planned to use them sometime down the road.