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Question: Worried about car bra getting loose

7 February 2001
I just bought the factory NSX bra for the drive up to Laguna Seca. There is one part that seems a bit flimsy and bothers me; the corners where the button snaps on. That small screw and plastic washer do not seem sturdy enough to me. I once saw an NSX where the corner came loose during driving. The entire front fender (paint) was torn up (really torn up) because the corner came loose while driving. The metal tip was slamming against the car and completely scratched up the side fender in front of the wheel. Something only a repaint can fix. While screwing in the snap screw and washer, I had it (the rubber part that goes under the fender well) slip through the plastic fender cover a few times before getting it right. Since the rubber is flexible, it is possible it can slip out while driving. Although it's not loose, a strong tug on the cover would certainly pull out the rubber portion through the plastic fender well.

Is there anything you guys do differently to reinforce that part of the cover. I leave on Friday morning and want to secure it if there are better ways of doing so. Any help is appreciated.
FWIW I never put a Bra on my NSX regardless of the drive. I've found that the Bra has the potential of causing more damage in the longrun through rubbing the paint than the little dings from rocks, which are part of driving.

Just my $.02, but I say lose the Bra, and just stay away from Semi Trucks

David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
I have had a bra on every car I have owned for years. I wouldn't drive without it. Check the way you installed the snap to the car. Mine is very strong and I have no worry that it will come loose.

I take the bra off every 2 weeks and clean the inside. I also clean the nose of the car and put another coat of Zaino on for protection.

My 300 zx tt had over 50k miles, all with a bra and not one speck of damage.

Just my $0.02.

'00 Candy Apple Blue / Black
I have used the factory bra with much success too. I always install it for long hiway drives. Good advice from above is to have a coat of wax on the car before using it. The snap thing works for me; if you're concerned you could check it at each gas stop and/or use some tape on top to make sure it does not flap or come loose.
I Zaino'd the car recently and have 2 good coats of wax on there. I'm only keeping it on for the drive and taking it off afterward so I don't expect any damage.
Some ducked tape may be a good idea, I will do that. I think it will improve once the bra stretches out. It is so incredibly tight now, that it is pulling very hard on the snap screw. Maybe after a few uses it will stretch out and I won't have this problem anymore.
I've been using the bra for a year and a half now and there has been no damage, not even a scratch. It still is difficult to put on (not nearly as difficult as when it was new, however) but that is why it fits so well and hence doesn't damage the paint. After 88k miles on my first braless NSX (and the subsequent chips on the nose) I'd never drive my current NSX without it.
Worried about car bra getting loose

I once had a bra get lost in my car, and I was worried that it might turn up at the wrong moment...